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About Sharon

Sharon was introduced to 4GIRLS when her daughter participated in a weekend workshop. Sharon fell in love with the mission of the organization, the commitment of the founder, and the dedication of the members of the 4GIRLS team. She immediately became a volunteer and through the years grew to apply her strengths and experience to help the organization grow and expand its reach in the community.

She has spent the past 30+ years working in business, supporting both Finance and Operations. She received her undergraduate degree in Business: Accountancy and Management, from CSULB and her MBA from USC. She is an actively licensed CPA. She has also dedicated a great portion of her time to personal and professional development, acting in the role of both mentor and mentee, and giving back to her community wherever and whenever possible.

Sharon’s three children are her “why” – providing her daily motivation to succeed and present an example of success as not only possible, but likely, through their own efforts and being an active and supportive participate in their relationships and the world around them. Sharon enjoys living in Long Beach California and spending personal time focused on health and wellness efforts.

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