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About Tamara

Tamara White is a group manager and data analytics architecture expert specializing in database design and data analytics at Avanade, Inc.  She has experience with a diverse set of clients across almost every arena and industry.  Tamara focuses much of her time on developing state-of-the art designs, prototyping new technologies and evaluating new business methods to help her and her clients expand into uncharted territories. Tamara launched her own TLW Consultants consulting company more than 20 years ago.

Tamara is a single mom that lives with her daughter in Signal Hill.  She holds B.S. degrees in Quantitative Management Systems and Management Information Systems with minors in Computer Science and Mathematics, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In addition to her professional affiliations, Tamara is also very involved in her community as a Eucharistic minister and in children’s liturgy for Saint Bartholomew Church, volunteer supporting local catholic schools, a performer and one of the founding members of a local non-profit Stearns Musical Theatre group, a lifetime member of and retired troop leader for the Girl Scouts, and is a member of an organization, which helps children and teens engage in meaningful discourse with their peers, develop self-confidence and communicate effectively to face the challenging world that awaits them.

Tamara connects with the 4GIRLS mission and has been directly involved for the last 8+ years, always supporting the fundraisers, empowerment events, and workshops. She is excited to join the board in 2020 and looks forward to empowering more young women to see that anything is possible.

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