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The Mission: To inspire and empower middle school girls to identify themselves as authentic, confident, and resilient, preparing them for real-life success.

All 4GIRLS activities, including the annual workshop, are offered at no cost to the girls.


As our organization expands and the number of girls we reach continues to grow, we need individual and corporate sponsorship to continue instilling middle school girls with confidence and self-esteem.


All donations to the 4GIRLS Organization, whether financial, products, or services, are greatly appreciated.

4GIRLS is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Tax ID: 45-1299730

The workshop taught me all the good things about myself. - 6th Grader, 2022 Workshop Parti

Individual Donations

For individual donations of funds, products or services, please contact 4GIRLS at:
(562) 344-5119

It only takes $125 to sponsor a young lady for the yearly 2-day empowerment workshop in Long Beach, CA.

Donate Online

Easily donate online through PayPal 


Corporate Donations

For corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Maria Gugerty at:
(562) 208-7783

Corporate donations for feminine supplies, backpacks, school supplies, new clothing or anything that will advance the health and positive body image of our girls would greatly be appreciated. 

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